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Wine Magazine: only the best wine blogs and news in UK

We've collected the best wine blogs, wine news, wine reviews and wine resources in the UK. Trust only the most reputable wine resources. 

Only the best wine resources in the UK.

Wine. Glorious Wine. In Vino Veritas..

Head to Read Me: Organic Wine Club blog on things organic wine.

Fancy a wine and health intervention? Simply do not miss out on I Blame The Wine wine reviews and news blog.

Wine Sulphites blog offers a different perspective on how preservatives could be so bad for you in your wine. Learn more.

The best wine blogThe best wine blog

Get independent wine news, wine reviews and unbiased wine information.

1. One of the oldest wine blogs is Exposed Wines. It is not being updated at the moment but everything overthere is so undeniably wine, wine, wine - they were independent, non affiliates and also passionate about leaving hundreds about wine reviews. Shame that the industry is not a very lucrative one for an independent wine reviewer or wine blogger.

2. Online Wine retailers hence have an edge: they do sell wine and provide wine content and wine information for anyone who is coming in contact with their wine business. We do not want to put just any wine business on top here. We've selected Read Me: Organic Wine Club blog for its green credentials, wine commitment and our Mother Earth well-being promise. Do we need to say more about how passionate are they about wine?

3. Organic wine and healthier wine in general are not prerogative of the previous blog, we've found another one that combines wine health and wine reviews, discusses wine trends and gives us hints on happy and healthy wine lifestyle.Do check these guys out at I Blame The Wine wine reviews and news blog. They are one of the top sites on Google UK for wine clubs' reviews and did refer thousands of people to reputable wine clubs. Worth having a look!

4. What about people who actually cannot drink wine because of their allergies or wine intolerances? Are you wondering of it is just an excuse? No, it is a real thing. Some of us do feel a bit tired because of a glass of wine, but some are way more sensitive than that! DO check out Wine Sulphites blog if you felt like that or your relative complained that they went really sensitive just after a small glass of wine. Obviously, drinking conventional cheap wine is way too harmful, but even organic wine is not free of sulphites. Organic wine has minimal amounts but you can also opt for no added sulphites wines. To navigate better through all these technicalities about natural wines, organic and conventional, simply head to this wine blog to learn more. Very much straight to the point wine information so you won't spend too much time on a wine bla-bla.