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Wine Magazine: only the best wine blogs and news in UK

We've collected the best wine blogs, wine news, wine reviews and wine resources in the UK. Trust only the most reputable wine resources. 

Wine. Glorious Wine. In Vino Veritas..

Head to Read Me: Organic Wine Club blog on things organic wine.

Fancy a wine and health intervention? Simply do not miss out on I Blame The Wine wine reviews and news blog.

Wine Sulphites blog offers a different perspective on how preservatives could be so bad for you in your wine. Learn more.

The best wine blogThe best wine blog

Wine Magazine

Don't you think the era of paper wine magazines, wine reviews and pretentious wine rankings is over?

We have collected a very quirky and informative collection of independent wine blogs from real wine enthusiasts who simply do not do it for money: they have a real wine passion!

Independently verified wine blogs

Who wants wine bullshit? We can see a lot of wine information, pretentious wine reviews and simply expensive wine advertised all over. Who needs it? We do not know. So we do verify every each of our listed wine blogs independently. We ensure your wine is free of advertising crap and full of real wine stuff: grapes, expressive of its soil and winemaker's passion and ideas. If you are rather drink a mass produced genetically modified wine and read how nice it can be, simply close this window! 

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"Wine. A wonderful drink that aids happiness, can bring a sense of joy and should be enjoyed responsibly. Wine is not a luxury product and should be bought online for the price that wine deserves. Wine and water, sense of purpose and an ultimate thrill- opposites attract each other. Similarly, you should get different points of view  on healthy wines and 'feel good' wines. Stop this wine muttering, simply enjoy a glass of wine now"

— Wine Magazine